Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was so fun this year! We got to have our Joyschool Thanksgiving lesson here which is one of my favorite lessons. The boys looked so cute in their hats! I love how if one or two think it's cool to wear the hat, everyone else does. We were so happy we were able to have our family come over for Thanksgiving day dinner. We were able to get a new table shortly before so that we had more room for people to sit. It was fun getting ready for everything.

We used the hat and apple turkey ideas from Joyschool to decorate the "kids" table.
It turned out so cute...I wanted to sit there!

It was still pretty and snowy throughout the day. Luckily everyone was able to travel fine. It started melting as the day and evening went on. We were worried Nana and Papa wouldn't be able to come.

Daniel, Samuel and Angela, coloring at the kids' table. They were supposed to be drawing things they were thankful for but I'm not sure that's what was really going on over there.
Marilyn started helping me in the kitchen as soon as she got there, thank goodness.
Katie too! Good job with the asparagus!
Somehow, we didn't get Mom in a picture helping in the kitchen but as always, she was there, busy as ever.
These two were inseparable all night. I'm so happy Nathan is so patient with Ethan and enjoys the adoration.
They are so cute!
Almost time to eat...let's eat those stale marshmallows while we're waiting.
Yum...Elijah is thankful for his food.
Emren too...just not as enthusiastic.
Dinner is served!
Happy faces are always a pleasant sight at the dinner table.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Katie took our picture for us for our Christmas card photo but it ended up not working size-wise. We had to go with a vertical shot. Darn it but good job Katie!
We are thankful for our family!

It was so fun to be able to have our family over and talk about and celebrate all we have to be thankful for. We are truly blessed by our Father in Heaven and feel his love and tender mercies all around us.

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